Hi! I'm Per Ankh. As an adoptive B-crat, and relativly-experienced admin, I hate to see a wiki in such a state of disrepair. It makes me sad, very much so. Therefore, I will create a list of things that will organize the wiki and make it a place where editors will want to come and go as they please.

Here's the list, in order of priority.


Okay, first of all; I want some rhyme and reason to these pages! I want Character pages to follow a spefic format.

  • Episode Pages - 52 pages (one for each episode), and a list page for them all
  • Comic Pages - One for each issue, and a List Page
  • Other pages such as a page for each species of monster, will also be needed.


Several types of templates will be needed.

  • A customized Delete Template (optional, but preferred)
  • A general Character Template to serve as a blank slate until templates for each type can be created.
  • Monster template (which every monster page will need)
  • A Tamer Template (Tamers ONLY!)
  • A Human Character Template (Will most likely use the base Character Template)
  • A few episode templates


We're gonna need profile images from the main Monster Allergy site (please use the capture screen and crop method to acquire these), as well as various screenshots from the show. As far as I know, every episode is on Youtube, so getting these will be relatively easy.

Other not as important stuff

Let's spruce up the wiki, add a catchy background, header templates, etc.

Also, lets lengthen the many numerous stubs scattered about, shall we?

That's it for now! Toodles! Per Ankh ED 08:23, October 3, 2012 (UTC)