Per Ankh

  • I live in Fulcrum Star System
  • My occupation is Student, Blue Lantern, Rogue of Space
  • I am Male
  • Per Ankh

    Hi! I'm Per Ankh. As an adoptive B-crat, and relativly-experienced admin, I hate to see a wiki in such a state of disrepair. It makes me sad, very much so. Therefore, I will create a list of things that will organize the wiki and make it a place where editors will want to come and go as they please.

    Here's the list, in order of priority.

    Okay, first of all; I want some rhyme and reason to these pages! I want Character pages to follow a spefic format.

    • Episode Pages - 52 pages (one for each episode), and a list page for them all
    • Comic Pages - One for each issue, and a List Page
    • Other pages such as a page for each species of monster, will also be needed.

    Several types of templates will be needed.

    • A customized Delete Template (optional, but preferred…

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