Timothy Moth

Zick's cat

Cat (Tutor)
Hair Color
Eye Color

Timothy Moth is Zick's pet cat. He is also the Tutor of the Barrymore Detention Oasis, guarding Zick's family for generations.


Timothy's dominant appearance is that of a very thin, hairless cat with large ears and yellow eyes. In his monster form, he is a tall blue creature with long arms and legs, wearing a long dark cape commonly worn by Tutors.

On his chest is a symbol indicating his Tutor rank. This symbol is invisible unless Timothy uses his powers.


Being a Tutor, his powers include the ability to shoot Energy rays from the Tutor symbol in his chest, as well as from his eyes and mouth.


  • Timothy's breed is that of a Sphynx cat, which has no coat to shed, and therefore prevents Elekiel's allergy to cat hair from acting up.


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