Tessa Barrymore




"Zick.. You might have realized that you're different from your classmates.."
Species Human(former)

White Ghost

Relationships Theo (Husband),

Greta (Daughter),

Zobedja (Son-In-Law),

Zick (Grandson)

Olsen (Brother-In-Law)

Emily (Sister-In-Law)

Occupation Keeper (former)



Status deceased
First Apperance Comic 1
Last Apperance MAE
Voice Caterina Rochira (Italian)

Tessa Barrymore[1](née Grange) is the deceased mother and grandmother of Greta and Zick. She became a white ghost after her death and spends her afterlife in her old home in Oldmill Village.Tessa and her husband act as a guide for their grandson,helping him with his problem and being supportive. She was befriended with Ezeria and Maria Zick.



Zick is able to speak with his grandparents again after 6 years



Tessa and Theo are comforting Zick after the recent events


  • Her cause of death is still unknown
  • Unlike her husband,Tessa is more forgiving if the monsters do mistakes
  • She enjoys knitting.
  • Her astrological sign is Sagittarius[1]
  • When asked what her and her husband's favorite food is,Timothy replied in his notes with "None! They're quite dead, for heaven's sake! "
  • When asked what her bloodtype is,Timothy replied in his notes with "They don't have a drop of it anymore. "
  • From the #3 comic book : "The parents of the human Greta Barrymore, classified otherwise as "Zick's mother", they frequent the Oasis of Detention without hampering the job of the Guardian. Reliable and discreet, they take care of the young Zick with particular affection, helping him in the preparation of the scholastic backpack, of the afternoon snack and in other activities typical of these very diffused entities known as "grandparents". The bond between them and the boy is strong. And for this reason, removal of the two ectoplasms is not in demand (in short, they can stay).

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