First seen in issue 20, Ezeria and Maria are Zick's paternal grandparents. When Terrence Thaur and Zob went to fight the piplour (issue 13) Ezeria didn't approve of his decision, nonetheless covering up Zob's escape by pretending to argue all day with him, following Timothy into believing that Zob never left the house. When Zob lost his powers, the Maximum Tutors decided to separate the Zick Family by sending Ezeria and Maria to a Detention Oasis in Eilenou. After the Tamers were set free from the Detention Oasis in issue 20, Zob had decided to look for them, only to find they had decided to visit instead and the family was reunited once again. In issue 23, Ezeria made a bet with Zob that if Zob could find a job, Ezeria would go on a diet. Of course, Zob won, accepting a job as an ice-cream maker, and Ezeria went on a diet. They were good friends with Theo and Tessa and were upset that they passed away, but brightened when they saw their ghosts.

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