MA Magnacat


Magnacat is president of Pyramid Inc. that sell sauce pans, but he is one of the monsters: a shape-shifting Gorka .When in human form, Magnacat has blond hair and wears a green business suit.[1] He is the main antagonist of the first season of the Animated series.

Animated Series

His plot was to create an army of Androgorkas, and capture the Tutors to control the prisoner monsters to get his revenge of Bibbur-Si that he was exiled long ago.[3][4] When Zick ruin his plans that he decided to offer an alliance and telling him about his father Zob, but Zick declines and end up being eaten by a Dark Phantom name Bristlebeard.[5] After Zick defeated Bristlebeard, Magnacat was only an ooze he summon his Gorkas and put himself in a confined capsule to regain his body and strength. Before the series started, he defeated Zob and shrunk him while turning Terrence into stone. In time, he sent monsters to get his revenge on Zick, by sending Omnised and Ominquad to release a Water Worm,[6] preventing him to get the breath of Mugalak by send a Big Bonz Eater,[7] sending them to Port Reef and calling a Squark,[8] and turning Elena's pet rabbit Puffy into a were-rabbit.[9] When he regain his body and strength, he leaked a ooze form his confined capsule to attract the Tamers to be attack by his Pipluor,[10] summoning a Sphinx to scare the tenants to control the pillars that holds the suspended city,[11] create an skeleton army to attack the Zick and the Thaur family,[12] made alliance with the Dark phantoms to attack Bibbur-Si,[13] create a Gorka-droid to eliminating all the Tamers in the Ancient Armory,[14] and made a blimp called the Vulture yet all failed by Zick and Elena.[15] When he suffer numerous losses in fighting the Tamers, his company went to bankruptcy. As a last resort, He ordered Viziosed to get the Horn of Kong to summon the Monster-Saur. In the end, he was defeated and capture by Zick along with Viziosed and the Monster-Saur.[16]

In the second season of the Animated Series, he was able to escape along with Viziosed by absorbing the energy of Monster-Saur to confuse the Dom box to releasing them. He plotted to seal and take control of the Ancient Armory as well as mind-controlling everyone.[17] He then releasing some of his minions, and created a Dome to force the Tamers to fight for his own amusement. However, the young tamers along with Trengingigan were able to recapture the Ancient Armory and his minions. In the end, he was defeated by Zick again, and sealed into a special Dom box that he cannot escape again.[18]

Comic Book Series

In the comic book series, he is the main antagonist in the issue 3, 4, 13, 14 but he was defeated by the Zick and the Thaurs.


Magnacat's powers includes shape-shifting, hypnosis, mind-control and fly.