Julie: "And you're supposed to be..what?"

Elena:" A Panda!"

Julie: " A Panda in a Halloween Stage Play? No one fears Pandas"

Elena:" Its psychopathic one,Mom"!

-Julie's and Elena's conversation in House Of Monsters.

Julie Potato




Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Julie Patata
Species: Human
Age: N/A
Relationships: Harvey (Husband), Elena (Daughter),

Violet (Daughter), Charlie (Son),

Lonzo (Nephew),

Greta (Good Friend),

Occupation: Housewife
Status: Alive

First Appearance: Comic: #1

Cartoon : Episode 2

Voice: Giò Giò Rappattoni - Italian Dub

|- |}

Biography Edit

Julie Potato (in other localizations Patata) is a housewife and the mother of Elena,Violet and Charlie. She is married to Harvey Potato.

Julie is a loving yet strict mother to her children. She gets very angry if she finds out that Elena caused trouble (I.E when Elena started a fight because of her last name). During the fight with DeDavid,Elena gets desperate to hide her blue eye,which results into Zick inviting her to his home and Greta taking care of her face. Julie asks why her face looks like this and Elena answers with a lie ("Its for a Halloween Stage Play!") which Julie questions it since its only August and way to early for Halloween.Zick replies with another lie,telling Julie that it is a tradition in their school to start early with things in general.

After Puurcy was kidnapped by Magnacat,she tried to comfort Elena by buying her a rabbit.


Julie looking suspicious at Elena

Trivia Edit

  • Elena said that she is only one problem away from getting beaten up by her mother
  • She wants to get rid of Harveys Native American Statue
  • Only Violet inherited her blonde hair.
  • If Elena wouldn't have been desperate to hide the fact that she broke her mothers promise not to fight with anyone,she and Zick wouldn't have become friends.

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