Energy Dom


Allows the Tamers to release rays of energy to stun monsters and eliminate dark phantoms
Depends to the tamers level

Energy Dom is the fifth Dom Power that Zick learned.

It's a Tamer's most-used attackIt. This Dom Power allows the Tamer to release rays of energy to stun monster and eliminate dark phantoms, But not with Anguanes witches. The color of the beam rays depending on the Tamer's power level:

  • Red is for Beginner
  • Yelow is for Amateur
  • Green is for Expert
  • Blue is for Master

The position for summoning this Dom Power is the user's arm straight, with an open palm toward the target.

Note that Energy Dom is required to use some object. Such as Dom Staves to increase power and accuracy, which are found in the Ancient Armory. And also for a pair of Teleskates. It shape like ice skates. But it can teleport someone from one place to another place instantly. But this telescates will be no use when which one of them is lost. Telescates only need Energy Dom to charge up the power every 1 weeks or after much using.

To teleport with the telescates, user must focused his Energy on foot and imagine wher he want to go. If not, the user will be teleported uncontrollable for many times.

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