That one! Its the only one that's not calling me!

-Zick about Emirs Domulacrum

Emir Revers



Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Tamer
Occupation: Tamer (Former)
Status: Deceased

First Appearance: Monster Allergy Evolution


Emir Revers is a dead Tamer who lies in the Tamer Cemetery. It is unknown how old he was or what kind of person he used to be,but looking how every deceased tamer became quiet after Zick asked whom he was,and Zicks behavior changing into a very aggressive and abusive one after absorbing Emirs Dom,could be a hint that he was a Dark Tamer or at least a very ruthless person. Allowing Zick to absorb his dom triggers the events of Monster Allergy: Evolution


Emir asks Zick if he is sure to choose him


Zick finding Emirs grave


The spider forshadows that Emir is bad


Zick after absorbing Emir

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