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Species Monster
Age 212 (Comic & Cartoon)

218-220 (MAE)

Relationships Zick (best friend]]

Timothy (Boss]

Elena (best friend)

Status deceased
First Apperance Comic 1

Episode 1

Last Apperance MAE
Voice Pietro Ubaldi (Italian)

Rick Jones (English)



History (Comic)

History (Cartoon)




  • His Universal Sign is Pum-Terton
  • His Blood Type is Monsterrosa X-X
  • His favorite food is everything
  • The sneakers he is seen wearing,belong to Zick
  • The reason why Bombo is in Detention Oasis is because he stole food (sweets to be precise)
  • From Timothys notes: A particularly fat and bulky element,which needs to be restrained from swallowing any and everything it comes across ( including his Tutor- something that has happened more than once!). As a true-blue Bombo, he loves - like all Bombos - human clothing and cappuccinos. Although he only rarely comes up with intelligent ideas, it cannot denied that his cheerful good nature is good for Zick, for whom he shows genuine affections. The nitty-gritty: Due to his extreme naiveté,the subjects needs to be protected from those who would take advantage of him. As for his re-education,this Tutor despairs at the futility of trying to get anything into this guy's thick skull!